I went to the doc yesterday and told him of my latest problems

Guess what I bought myself a stress test which I will have in the morning. I will be haveing the nuclear test. The last one I had had me panting like a dog that had been running hard for at least a mile. So keep me in your thoughts.

My body produces its own cholestral, and it seems to think I need a lot!

I guess it is time to tell everyone here….I have lung cancer. I am going for surgery on March 27th, they are removing the tumour and one node of the lung. Could be more, they won’t know til they get in there. Stress test yesterday, tomorrow the entire day doing pre-op testing. I made it 27th, not earlier, because before this came up, my son, his girlfriend and I had planned to fly to Arizona for a few days of Cleveland Indians Spring Training. All plans were made and paid for (by my son) already, so I told the surgeon, that was out. We get home late the 25th.

What ever it is, it is. They’ve biopsied. It’s in the lung and it’s also attached itself to the chest wall. I’m tough, and other than that and my heart, and the COPD, I am in good health (lol).

Any prayers or good thoughts welcome. The surgery will be done in University Hospital in Cleveland Ohio.

Cholesterol ?

I have yet to have anyone explain to me why cholesterol builds up in our arteries.

I personally believe the only reason for cholesterol to turn into plaque is because the cholesterol is trying to seal off the inflammation in our arteries, it acts like a Band-Aid and yet the medical profession wants to lower our cholesterol which is the opposite of good heart health. Why don’t they focus on the real problem of the reduction or elimination of the inflammation?

I don’t take the statins, I have in the past and felt all the side effects

I have been taking Policosanol for the past year instead of the Zocor that was prescribed and have not had one side effect that I was experiencing while on my short ride with Zocor. Tried Lipitor in the past and hated every minute of it.

I started this new group (TakingLipitorandHateIt) because I have run into so many people in my daily life who are taking a statin of some sort and when they hear that I don’t take any at all following my heart attack and quadruple bypass they wonder why!

One lady asked me the other day, “How did you quit taking Zocor?” I told her, “I just quit!” Then she asked, “What did your doctor say?” “Nothing after I sent him the research on Policosanol.”

She and her daughter are taking statins. Her daughter can hardly walk because of the severe weakness in her leg muscles. I have run into more and more people who are complaining of the side effects of statins compared to those who have no side effects. Just my own unscientific testing tells me that there are more people who are experiencing bad side effects compared to those who are experiencing none. The exact opposite of what the medical (and pharma.) communities want us to believe.

I tell them I took control over my well being rather than leaving it to the doctor. I have told my doctor that I am no longer taking the Zocor and have emailed him a list of the supplements I am now taking. He now asks me questions about the stuff because he does not have the chance to research it. He caught his pharma.
rep in the middle of a lie about Crestor because of the information I have given him. He is now becoming a bit leary of the information his reps tell him.

Oat Meal is great for you, I eat it too, and the “side effects” are certainly very beneficial for us old guys. :)

So far the HATE IT group is growing very quickly. In less than 24 hours I have 18 members. I have not had a chance to look at the members list yet this moring but I would not be surprised that there are even more now.

People in the group are thanking me for creating it so that they have a place to discuss the terrible side effects that they are experincing while taking the statin. One guy even predicted in his first post that this group will probably break records with the number of members it will eventually attract. That would be interesting to see if that occurs.

Ya, it is almost sick how people worship their doctor

and don’t have a brain to think for themselves.

I am my own Doctor here in Canada and have started my second round on Granocyte to see if I can help the heart and anything else that is a problem. Evidently my immune system is off because I got a infestation of demodex mites on my face and and was starting to look like teen with acne problems. The doctor here did give me good directions for that battle.

I flew to Toronto yesterday to pick up the meds and get some blood tests and lab work done. It cost us $32 round trip and is an hours flight. I got my first shot this morning. We are pretty much surrounded by nurses so it is no problem lining one up for that. The last time really helped a lot and evidently there is a lot more circulation in the heart because of it. I hope it works well enough to get me back to normal walking and working.

The first time around, in two weeks I decreased my meds in half and reduced the nitro from about 40 a day to about 4 or 5. If I get the same kind of improvement this time, maybe I can get off the nitro and maybe even get some heart muscle to replace scar tissue in the process.

Let me tell some thing about my case and Pl

I had hear attack some three years ago in March-2001 after brig admitted in the hospital for 7 days I was discharged. From July-2001 I was feeling discomfort when climbing upstairs. During the 2 week of August-2001 I was having a consultation with a cardiologist at JIPMER-Pondicherry. He has asked me to take Lenoxin (5/7 days), Sorbitrate, Aldoctone, Tadalafil 20mg www.tadalafil20mgtablets.biz, Acitrome 1mg, Lasix Ecosprin 75mg and Coversyl-2mg daily. Later in March-2013 I was admitted in another hospital,(BHEL Hospital) for congestion in the liver.
The cardiologist at this Hospital prescribed me to take Lenoxin(5/7) Sorbitrate, Lasix,Deriphiline,Aldoctone,Sorbitrate and Cardrone200mg once daily. since then I was recovering but sometimes when taking food i feel dscomfort.

Can any one advice me in this regard.

I am now 43 Yrs. old. and workng as computer operator.

I purchased 3 pumps before i was satisfied

1st. one over the net, it was to small. 2nd. local sex shop was to big. 3rd one talked to my uro. dr.he told me to get a pump 8 inch by 2.250 inch. as my penis stretched is 7.750 inches long and thick. this worked for me as i pack the pump without the swollen look of guys pumping to get a bigger penis, i do not use the rings as my pump does not have a loader.i have used tri-mix on a few occasions,i have a friend that uses it his wife is a retired nurse, they were told size of penis has to be considerd. she used it on me with great success even after i used the pump. i hope this is of some use to you. if there is any body out there from on. canada i would like to know if ohip our goverment health covers this i have been told they do. as my private healh plan does not. sorry for being so long winded

I wonder

if you are that large, are you injection a large enough volume, it may take more than the usual.


As a user of “Tri-mix” for 15 years, I can assure you that injections will work.
I believe the injections will give a corpse an erection for several hours… LOL

Vacuum pump and penis size

I recently received an encore pump. it’s the largest that they make but my penis just barely fits in before pumping and it expands too fill the walls of the pump before it gets erect. Plus the rings are way to small. Is there anything for the larger man. The drugs don’t get me erect enough for penetration. Will injections work?

I think 34 is too young to be having E.D. problems

What does your urologist say? You need to consult a urologist if you have not done so. I don’t think size of the penis is a factor in E.D. Mine is on the small size, and I started have erectile problems the same time that Viagra hit the market — 1998, when I was 49. So your large organ should not be the problem. The fact that you have masturbated for a long period of time should not cause E.D. to my knowledge. There does not seem to have been any injury to your penis. Are you having any circulatory problems? Has your sexual desire been affected by the soft erections?

I was 9 when I first masturbated

The size is most likely not the issue either. You will need to do more research. A trip through the doctors office for a physical would be a good idea. Check cholesterol, hormone levels etc. Read The Argine solution and keep looking. There is an answer out there. But you may have to dig to find it.

Your doctor should be very familiar with writing letters of medical necessity

to satisfy your insurance company. Just about every insurance company requires a letter for pre-approval of a device and if your doctor doesn’t know what to say, run; don’t walk and find a different doctor. Basically they use the same letter template to justify an implant. Right now I have an insulin pump and in January when I replace it, I’m ordering one with “Continuous glucose monitoring” feature as an add on. The one from Medtronic was approved by FDA in April 2006. These are new and not many people have them yet. In time they will be part of the standard of care for diabetics. Right now, not all insurance claims people understand why they are needed. The starter kit is $1000 dollars and the sensors are $32.00 each and are to be used for 3 days.  I recommend you try pharmacies in Canada ie well known canadian online pharmacy www.health-n-energy.com The last time I got hauled to the ER unconscious by ambulane, the bill cost the insurance company more than the starter kit and six months of sensors!!! That will get their attention. So talk to your Urologist. Good luck and keep us posted.

Hi, I`m 34 My erection was always very hard

The erection angle was high. But now I have weak erektions. My angle is low.

What is the reason??
I thought about two possiblities: 1.My penis is large, I think. 7inches long and 5.7 inches circumference. I takes a lot of blood to get it hard. Are bigger penis in danger of getting weak????

2. I got in puberty very early. My first ejaculation was when I was 10!! Is it possible that my penis is getting old faster? I mastrubated a lot in my youth!!
Are men with early puberty in danger of getting impotent earlier

Putting on a cock ring is fairly easy

The snap-on kind are a…well…snap! You wrap it around, adjust it to the right snugness and snap it together.

Metal and rubber rings are a bit trickier.

First I put it on my sac and pull a bit of sac through. Then I gently squeeze one ball through. (The ball sac is divided into two halves and you work on one half at a time.) Then pull some more skin through and then gently squeeze the other ball through. Both balls should now be in the ring.

Gently force the penis into the body and direct it downward, toward the ring. It will ‘pop’ through. I have a Prince Albert and I grab it to pull things through, but gently pull any part of your penis you can grab through the ring. Then ease the ring up as high as you can get it. Lube sometimes helps, but I don’t use it.

There it is!

To take it off, reverse the process: first the cock, then one ball then the other.

By the second or third time you do this, you will be a pro!

Re: Chest discomfort

Hi Sarah,

I got no idea what I’ve too. Just sleep if sleep time. Just work when it is a working hour. I also have a sensation like an elephant sit on my chest. It was all Verapamil fault for that chest tightness. Other forum people mention if taking too much salt will cause that too. I’m going to see a gastro Dr this week so I hope something will sort out soon. Hopeful no painful procedure.
Also I felt “blowing bubbles” vibration (like the fib or flutter) travel down to my hands and legs. It stays long hours there. Do you have that feeling too? Take care.


Chest discomfort

I have no idea if I am feeling flutter, fib or stress at night. I have a tightening in my chest, a weird feeling I cannot describe and the feeling of a fist pressing down but not overly hard. Sometime I have the urgency thing. Right now my solution is to close my eyes, go to sleep praying that I wake up in the moring. I am still striving to not let the fear get the best of me. Haven’t called anyone in the middle of the night or called 911 so on that score I feel pretty successful.


Quality of Life

Many of us in this group who have some sort of arrhythmia find it harder to deal with general activities than it was before we developed our problems.
I found a questionaire in another Yahoo group that allows each one of us to put a number to that diminished ability to live our lives as we normally did before the heart problems occurred. Try taking the test and grade yourself. Then, at some future time retake the test and compare your score. This will allow you to judge on your own if things are getting better or possible worse.

Re: Re: Re: Weirdly Happ

Being so used to these support groups, I keep forgetting that the acronyms and abbreviations we use between each other are not always
fully understood by recent joiners. Even doctors with different specialties get confused, so why not the same for us non doctors?
As far as my Afib situation: Over a year ago I was reading a few references, once in a while, to the use of various vitamin and
mineral supplements and how their own condition was either helped or hindered by some of them. One ‘off the wall’ claim was that soaking
in a warm tub of water with a lot of Epsom Salts in it always converted this particular Afib sufferer. Sounded crazy, right? But that comment opened the discussion to the use of magnesium which is the main component of Epson Salts (Magnesium Sulfate).
Then I “Googled” for several days on all the information I could find on the web relating to magnesium; what it does, how and its
relationship to nerve impulses and muscle operation. One very important fact came out, that the lack of sufficient magnesium in thebody is extremely hard to test for. A normal blood test only shows how much is in the blood plasma, not actually inside the muscle cells. There seemed to be no major indication of any toxic consequences of overdosage so I started to experiment on myself. Normally I would go into an Afib condition at least once or twice a week that would last for anywhere from 6 to 12 hours; always self converting on my own. After the first week of taking 250 mg/day my self conversion time was anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. After 2 weeks I didn’t go into arrythmia at all.
I naturally related this great information to my cardiologist the next time I went in for a check-up and he just looked at me as if I
was a likely candidate for the mental ward of the hospital he was connected with. So much for the medical profession taking any serious interest in the use of NON-prescription medications. All I can say with certainty is that it has worked for me. I still take the regular prescription medication I have been on for several years now, but I haven’t had any bouts of Afib in more than four months now. Before, even the regular medication only eased my problems but didn’t eliminate them.
Many people in other support groups take magnesium and there is always a discussion of which type is the best for them. I happen to
find that Mg Oxide works best for me. Others have different choices. Still others find Mg causes them G.I. (gastrointestinal) difficulties. Each of us has to find the best for him or her. There are probably other mineral deficiencies each of us has that all contribute to our own problems, but none of them is going to be a cure-all. All they can do, when we find them, is to help our own condition.
I hope my overly long comments on your question helps someone who may read this answer.

John S.

Re: Re: Weirdly Happy

Thankyou John :), What did you do to beat your afibs?
I didn’t know the meaning of NSR, but learned from Spose we read alot of what might appear to be “doom & gloom” because people come to these groups looking for help & answers for them to understand their predicament. It is hugely intimidating to be thrown into the worldof ill-health, to learn “all this heart terminology”, & try to understand the irks & quirks of ones body.
This morning’s exercise was a buzz.
This is what I wrote in my journal:

Weirdly Happy

Just got back from Prince Charles (Suncoast, Qld, Au) Hosp’s pacer specialist today. They adjusted my pacer to respond better.
They also “burst” out my upper chamber’s short circuiting cycle (flutter) back into a regular rhythem: broke the flutter.
It feels really weird not getting headspins walking up the stairs etc….I can actually see my veins in my arms pumped up with blood!
This should make my daily exercise/training heaps easier & predictable, & mean I can do everday things without worry of spinning
out or feeling weird.
According to the specialist, if I heard it right, (I didn’t realise) beta blocker meds remove the heart’s ability to pace itself…..I
thought they only skimmed off some off the higher heart rate. On beta blockers still.
The hosp says to get an ecg in a few weeks time, & probably check back with them in a few months time. Possibility of ablation of
upper chamber later in the future….seeing 1st how recent adjustments work out. In the meantime I can carry on doing what I
like doing…keeping fit & healthy with walking, running, swimming & cycling.
The specialist dealt with his work like he was totally “IN THE ZONE”…..I understand how that goes being a former machine
technician myself…..not much room for idle chat or distractions. It could appear to some perhaps as aloof or rude, but it’s not the
All of a sudden, while having a bit of comfort food in the hosp cafeteria (reviewing the outcome of the visit) I realised I suddenly
was making progress & getting somewhere: my fears were allayed. Had a cry of relief over it….funny how things suddenly change. :)
Making Progress! :)


Hello–Just Joined

Hello CD

In my humble opinion, an ablation for PACs is like using a sldgehammer to crack a nut! Most people have them every day (admittedly not many, but still!) and, according to everything I have read, they are definitely not life-threatening.

If you have other problems like AF then maybe ablation might be worth considering, but before you do perhaps you could consider changing your diet, supplementing with Mg and K+ for example, and possibly changing some aspects of your lifestyle.

I have PACs and PVCs and AF and still feel that I am one of the luckier people with arhythmias. Being recently diagnosed, I too almost fell straight into the trap of ablation – don’t get me wrong, I think ablation is marvellous and I would have it if I really needed it, but it is not for everyone and it shouldn’t be the first port of call.

It’s a matter of weighing up the pros and cons – there are risks involved in all the options available to you, but some are worse than others.

Good luck!


Hello–Just Joined

Is there anyone out there who has an atrial arrythmia, but is otherwise healthy? A pre-mature atrial contraction for example.

Maybe I should just explain mine first. I am 39 and have always been very healthy. I only have the arrythmia occaisionally and that is usually when i am pushing it pretty hard during strenuous exercise.

Saw a cardiologist and he suggested ablation. He gave me a 95% cure rate. I intend to watch one being performed if i possibly can.

The thing I’m worried about is this–I can live with this condition, but I’d sure like to be “cured” (if that’s possible). However, I don’t
want something to go wrong to leave me in a worse mess–like needing a pacer. Or my myocardial cells not functioning well because of the RF ablation. Or something else.

What does the group think about this?


The suggested ablation


As long as you are satisfied with the EP’s diagnosis, confident in his ability and experience, understand the potential risks balanced
with the degree of “frustration” that you feel with your condition, go ahead and make the decision!

Just off the top of my head, here would be some of my questions and considerations if I were in your place:

How many total ablations has this EP performed before? What is his estimate of a ‘cure’ after just one procedure? What’s the likelihood of needing a second ablation? How would the EP describe my arrhythmia, more of a ‘flutter’ or more of a ‘fibrillation’? If I put off the ablation now, could it be controlled with drugs that would have minimal side-effects? Would his prognosis be that the condition would get more severeas I got older? Would any change in my life-style or diet have a strong probability of decreasing my symptoms?

The only question in my own mind of what you have already posted here is that you say that your arrhythmia was caught on an EKG. Most modern EKG machines print out at the top of the sheet a preliminarydiagnosis above all the squiggles down below. How did the software in that unit interpret all those wave-forms below? For example: The last time I had my own EKG done it printed at the top, Sinus bradycardia with 1st degree AV block. Otherwise normal ECG.

I’d be curious as to what exactly did your’s say. If that print-out confirmed exactly what your doctor told you then I would have the
ablation done as long as all, or most of the questions I raised above had been satisfactorily answered. Good luck with your decision.

John S.

P.S. Let us know the name and location of this doctor after you’ve
had the ablation, if that’s what you intend to do.

Back from vacation, had a lovely time

Hi there, everyone,
Just wanted to let everyone know that I am back on line and back from vacation both, busy at work this week, and then off for a few days, then work the weekend. Hope that everyone is well and that I didn’t miss too much. I notice that some of my groups have been VERY quiet, I guess that it is that time of year.

Well just got back from the specialist, TWO HOURS LATER

WOW, what a lot of time to wait and another ECG to do for 20 minutes of his time, frustrating, however he had good news and bad news for us. The good news is that the amiodorone is helping, the bad news is that it isn’t helping that much. My ejection fraction was 36% before the amiodorone, now it is 42%. Also my tachicardia has gone down considerably, which is good. So they are going to schedule me for an ablation
BUT it is in the left ventricle, not the right, like 99% of them are he says, SO I am going to have to be under general anestic and I am going to be in the hospital. Out of commission for a week he says. ANd there is a waiting list of course, up to three months AND in the meantime he wants me to stay on the amiodorone, as he says that they can still find the problem with 6% of ventricular tachacardias, no sense in stopping the amiodorone and having me feel worse. SO now we sit and wait, YUCK, Anyway, anyone with any information on this, or where I could look, or ideas I would greatly appreciate it,

News from work today

Hi there everyone,
Just a quick note to let you all know that today I found out that a coworker of mine, she is 55 years old, had a heart attack over the weekend, and is in ICU at the Heart Institute and they are going to do triple bypass surgery. Scary stuff for her, and for me too.
She has been experiencing pains in her left side, a tightness feeling and labored breathing for weeks now, and indigestion, PLEASE anyone here, don’t take this lightly, it is serious.
Thanks from me to you.

Need some advice

Stephanie: This isn’t advise, just what I would do if I were in your situation. I’d want a consult directly with the doctor who will
actually be doing the procedure getting as much info as possible, such as, how many HE did with the new device; where else has it been
used and by whom and how many other patients, etc, etc.

There is a pipeline full of new medical devices out there and the FDA is not know for it’s speed in granting their approvals. Look for
hints from the doctor as to how confident he seems to be with the both the device and the procedure—this is what you’ll have to sense
about him, not what he says.

Something else to ask; who trained him to use this new device and/or will a representative from the manufacturer be there in the operating
room with him? I would guess that the manufacturer has more to gain from a successfull procedure than anyone else except you.

John S.

I agree with you Alan, with the abusive conditions

he is living under and they have already gone through counciling, the only options are to get out of the marriage or continue to live under his current conditions. I lived under similar circumstances and I finally got the backbone to leave after 13 years.

I’m sure you know at last count there are 4 methods of producing an erection. These are pills (generic viagra, generic cialis), vacuum pump and rubber bands, injections, and finally a penile implant. I have gone through all of them and for my condition the implant has been the best. It is mechanical so they do break, spring a leak, or rupture. Fortunately they can be repaired or replaced.

Next week I am getting my 2nd implant installed after 9 years and I am so excited! I know what to expect, how I heal after the surgery, and walking around with a semi-boner for a while. I will be a man again in my own mind and be able to pleasure a woman and myself through sexual activity. I say it this way because jacking-off or I should say, trying to jack-off is very difficult because there is nothing inside to ‘rub against’, all that is left is a hollow tube (think of a hot dog with nothing inside as filler).

Need some advice

I am having an ablation on the 25th of this month. Well I got a call today that they were wanting permission to use a new cather not yet
approved by the fda. Its a cath that can do the ep study and burn both. Instead of taking the cath out and putting the burn cath in.
I dont know exactly how I feel about being a gueinie pig (sp). Anyone have any thoughts?

This week

Hi there, everyone,
I am off today and then again on Wednesday and then again on Friday, YEAH for me, and no doctor’s appts on those days either. WOW, that is a first in a long time.
That being said I haven’t heard anything from the specialist about my date for the operation. I called them today and asked them to ask the doctor, I might be applying for another job at work and I don’t want to do that if this operation is going to get in the way of it.
I am trying to do housework but have to keep sitting down in the middle cause I am winded and hot and tired. UGHH, I hate this part of this disease. BUT there may be help in sight with that one too, I have gotten a name for a cleaner to come in once a month or maybe more, she charges $55 flat rate and has been doing this for a long time it sounds like. Anyway, we will see what comes of it but that would help me out a lot. I feel badly lately cause Dh is doing everything around here it seems, and there is so much more to do.
Sometimes I think that we bit off more than we can chew with this older single home and might need to rethink buying down, less work for dh, less money put out and less stress for us financially as the plan was for me to go back to work FULLTIME when Taegyn was in school. I think Dh is thinking the same thing sometimes. But we worry about our daughter changing schools, again, moving again and having to find new friends.
Anyway, I am complaining and I am sorry, but I am anxious and concerned and venting.
Thanks for listening to me


WEll all,

One year ago today I was sitting in the hospital with a million (not that many but enough) machines hooked up to me under constant observation. One year ago to day my life was nearly over because of medication I was on. When I entered the hospital my heart rate was 32 bpm and then I was in V-Tach several time with heart rates of 19 bpm. The Er staff we very concernd about my situation execpt on dr. He was the Cardiologist who was on call. He came in while I was in V-Tach and told my that everythings was fine and there was nothing to worry about. He then promptly then went and called my Cardiologist who finally came down the the ER after thrownigng a fit right out side my do told me that she would take care of things and I would be alright.

I heard my Cardioloigst yell at the nurses cause they wouldn’t or didn’t fowllow her verbal orders. She told them that she didn’t have time for this crap ( meaning dealing with me) because she was trying to run full clinic, deal with a patient at another hospital in the city who also was throwing V-Tach, and that the Cardiologist on Call should have been able to take care of my problems hell the Cardioloigst residents should have taken care of them. But since she was there now she was the one who would call the shots from then on.

Long story short they Cardiologist went to present my case for surgery on September 10 and thats when I found out I was getting a Pacemaker on emergency surgery. This is the night I first met Debra the Chaplin whom has helped me a great deal since. I actually am going to be meeting with her tomorrow to talk and hopefully alieviate some of my stress.

One year ago today would have been my Cousins 30 birthday. Unfortunatly she is no longer with us. She died 6 years ago at the age of 24. I often wonder if she is the reason I am still here today. Is she my angel that saved my last year? There are only 5 first cousins left now and the agesare well all fairly close execpt one (41, 38, 33, (31), 30, 10).


Veterans Health Care System

I am a new member trying to get info on how to deal with the Veterans Administration Health care fiasco. My primary care doctor is a could care less that never takes EKGs blood tests or does any thing except lecture me about my lifestyle I collapsed at home local parameds took me to a civilian hospital where I was diagnosed with angina and atrial fibralation by the ER dr who admitted me to ICU when I got out I went to see primary dr at Veterans clinic he said dont worry Civilian Er dr panicked I said what do you think EKGs and blood test showed abnormalities enough to put me on Isordil Lopressor Lisonipril Digoxin Plavix and Zocor for he got mad and said I needed a shrink problem in my head I went
back to civilian dr who made a phone call to Veterans Patient Advocate scheduled stress test at Veteran Hospital where I had a severe attack wound up going in for Cardiac Cath had 3 stents put in also found mitral valve leaking and something partial left bundle block I am afraid to go back to Veterans primary care dr who thiks I am a wacko.

Re: still having problems


I understand your despondancy but let me tell you that what you are experiencing post ablation is VERY normal. You are going to get a lot of weird stuff happening… It happened to me. Your heart was burned inside at high temperatures and that alone will cause you to have weird stuff occurring. Part of your heart is damaged and it is going to take quite a few months for it to settle. I am near 12 months post ablation and I still get some weird stuff but it has settled dramatically.
I will say that it is a waiting game now Steph and that is also probably what your doctor said to you.
Try to remain calm and allow the body to heal.

still having problems

Well guys my miracle ablation may not have been all I cracked it up to be. I have had several pvcs during a day and had a couple of episodes that lasted 4 to 5 minutes. I am about to give up all hope of being rid of these nasty critters. This is so depressing. He said we could always go back and do it again. Hmmmmmmmmm I dont want to have to do this crap every six months…….Stephanie

Limitations of this illness

Hi there, guys,
I haven’t said much about it this past week, but Terry, Dh has been gone on business all week. I have not been doing well with it, having anxiety attacks, tingling in my one arm, and pains in my chest. I know full well that they are stress related, but given some of the latest situations in my world, my friend online here with Heart issues, my coworker with heart issues, I get wired and then can’t calm down. It has been a good thing that I have not been at work this week, to be honest. Cause I haven’t slept well and when I have it hasn’t been for long.
Anyway, poor Terry, good thing that he loves me, he got home and shortly afterwards, I lost it on him, crying and sobbing and generally losing it. We have agreed that until I have this operation he is not going to go out of town, that it is too hard on me.
Got to love him, he can be so understanding. He says, “why didn’t you tell me” Like I knew this was how I was going to feel, NOT, anyway now we do and now we can act on it, or not as the case may be.
Thought I would let you all know where my head has been this week,
NOW he is home, I can relax, if something happens to me in the middle of the night, Taegyn will not be left alone. WHEW

Sunday evening excitement in my house

Hi there, everyone,
As you all know I am waiting on this ablation surgery, to be set SOON, we hope and have been stressed with Dh gone for a week, with the impending surgery, etc and last night, I just lost it. I was sure that I was having a heart attack or something, pains in my chest, numbness in my arm and just feeling LOUSY.
SO I drove myself to the hospital emergency, last night around 11 or so. And was there for three hours, they took blood, put me on a monitor and observed me. Thankfully nothing wrong with my heart enzymes, apparently that is how they tell if you have had a heart attack or not. Thank goodness for that.
But no answers to why I was having these symptoms, they gave me copies of all the blood work results etc, for my cardiologist, but they are Greek to me. Anyway, needless to say I didn’t go into work today, and either did Terry so we sent Taegyn off on the school bus, and we went back to bed, had some more much needed sleep and then some snuggling and then got up and went shopping. Always makes me feel better. HAHA
Seriously though I put in a phone call to the specialist, wondering about my procedure and she handed me to the lady who books these things and she was not aware of the complications in my case, and the end result is that she is looking at a date in November at the earliest but she hoped that she would be able to tell me a date by the end of this week, YEAH, that will help considerably for me.
Anyway, we are both just chilling now, after registering Taegyn for brownies, getting her fed, and to bed, and having a late dinner of left over chinese.
I am sitting here listening to Nora Jones, and playing on the computer and Terry is downstairs watching mindless tv, then we are heading to bed.
Sorry if I am not around much this week, working every day this week but Friday and then I might be that day as well.
Talk to you all later.

Rapid Heart Rate after jogging – walking

Hi All,

Hope some one can help me or point me in the right direction.

I’m a male, 62 and have run for exercise and fun for the last 25 years. I am being treated for depression for the last several years with different antidepressent drugs, about 3 months ago I started on Effexor ER which seems to work quite well. Now every once in a while after walking/jogging with max pulse of 125 BPM my pulse will stay above 100 or higher for six+ hours after exercising.

I added the prescription Cardiovascular system side effects for Effexor below and it seems that their is a good chance that it could cause the rapid heart rate. BTW my shrink, doesn’t think so.

Does any one have any experience or opinion on this ? I have a appoinment with a cardiogist but its a month away.

Debating whether to stop the Effexor and possibly get depressed ot continue and have heart problems.

Thanks Bob

Cardiovascular system – Frequent: migraine, postural hypotension, tachycardia; Infrequent: angina pectoris, arrhythmia, extrasystoles,
hypotension, peripheral vascular disorder (mainly cold feet and/or cold hands), syncope, thrombophlebitis; Rare: aortic aneurysm, arteritis, first-degree atrioventricular block, bigeminy, bradycardia, bundle branch block,capillary fragility, cerebral ischemia, coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, heart arrest, cardiovascular disorder (mitral valve and circulatory disturbance), mucocutaneous hemorrhage, myocardial infarct, pallor.

To John

Hi, thanks for the nice response, this seems like a friendly group. I am having a pvc ablation for unifocal pvc’s. I have about 1,000 per hour and am very symptomatic with them – to the point of feeling very faint. I have had them for about 13 years, and they really increased and started to really bother me about 3 1/2 years ago. I have tried beta-blockers and calcium channel blockers, which have not helped, and decided against antii-arrythmic drugs. My cardio as well as my EP doc think an ablation is a better option due to my pvc’s being unifocal. I was offerred ablations at the University of Illinois, and Northwestern University, (I believe in LOTS of opinions, lol) but wasn’t impressed with the amount of them that they were doing. My cardio said that Cleveland was the place HE would go, and they really do a lot of ablations there. I’ve been waiting for three months, and it’s definitely not something I’m looking forward to, but I can’t go on like I am, so I’m hoping the anticipation is worse than the actual procedure. Hopefully I’ll be posting next week that it was a success!!!! Susan

Date for ablation is set, and other stuff

Hi there, everyone,
Just a quick note to let you know that the date for my ablation is set, for NOVEMBER 23rd, and apparently I will be in the hospital the night before and stay overnight, at least. I will then need to be off work for at least TWO WEEKS, and not lifting anything over 10 lbs.
So the second good thing is that the house cleaner came today for the first time and I loved her, she is also a bereaved mom, a sweet heart of a person and works hard. So we are going to get her to come in and clean once a month for the next three months and then probably twice in December, she charges only $55 and she is through. Terry even says that the house sparkles today, and the nice thing is that I don’t feel guilty for not doing it, just relieved that it is done.
We haven’t told Taegyn MUCH yet about this heart operation other than mommy is sick, I will need an operation and that we will tell her when it is later on when we know.
ANY IDEAS on how to deal with this with her, and when, would be greatly appreciated, I am at a loss with this one. I don’t want to freak her out but at the same time I want her to realize that it is serious and important.
I am relieved to be honest, cause now I can plan for it. Now apparently I am supposed to stay on the amiodorone but come off the meterprolol 4 days in advance, OH YEAH, I hope that doesn’t mean that I am still going to be on that nasty drug after cause that is one of the reasons I am doing this procedure.
Anyway, if anyone knows of how to deal with Taegyn’s questions, if anyone can give me some hints of what to do if a parent goes in the hospital or is recuperating at home, PLEASE let me know.
Thanks as always for listening to me vent.

To Aubyn

Aubyn, I was only in the hospital one night after my ablation, but we stayed another night in a hotel right on the hospital grounds because we had a 7 hour drive home, and the nurses suggested I might want to rest for a day before that drive. I have to say that I’m feeling pretty good but tired. I waited for three months, so I was beyond anxious. Right after the procedure I was queasy from all of the sedation they had to give me, and my heart rate was up a little. I had to keep my leg straight for a few hours, but that wasn’t too bad because I was sleeping on and off. I have a really big bruise on my groin but suprisingly very little pain. I have not had one pvc since the procedure, and that is a great feeling. (I was having about 1,000 an hour) I am taking it very easy, they told me to rest for a week, and I will probably extend that to two weeks, LOL feel free to ask me ANYTHING, I know how hard it is to wait and worry about this procedure!! You can e-mail me direct at ksuki1@… if you want. Susan


My name is Kathy and I have an 80 year old neighbor and friend who’s just gotten a pacemaker. She doesn’t have a computer and I’m seeking to get information for her. She had her pacemaker put in about a week and 1/2 ago. She says she’s been nauseaus and fatigued. I’m thinking maybe it’s just a post surgery thing. Although, I never had a pacemaker put in myself, I’ve had other major surgery and I know it takes weeks to feel like yourself again. She’s attibuting her symptoms to side effects of the medicines. I guess it could be. Can anyone here share about post pacemaker surgery? Any advice would be welcomed. Thank you for your time.


Re: Tired


There is probably not one of us in this group with a “benign” heart problem who at one time or another hasn’t wanted to strangle the
Doctor who says in effect, “Your problem is controllable and won’t kill you, so just relax and go on with your life.” It appears to us
that he has no understanding of our suffering. Well, after years of this sort of feedback I decided to be proactive in my own medical
treatment and turned to the Internet to learn as much as possible about by personal condition. That was 6 months ago and I have
learned and benefitted greatly.

I went into a new cardiologist’s office yesterday for a new echo test, (the last one over 2 years ago), and this time I found out a lot of
things about my own problem. The technician doing the work was agreeable to letting me see the screen while she did the work and
importantly I knew what questions to ask while viewing the pictures in front of me while I was on my left side as she moved the probe
around my chest. The only time I couldn’t look at the screen was while I was on my back as she scanned the artery in my neck to check
proper flow there and views of the heart from under the diaphram. But, I asked her to tell my what she saw as she did that.

Being able to see those heart valves flipping back and forth with every heart beat was a wonderful learning experience. I knew enough
to ask about the ejection fraction of each chamber and the amount of regurgitation, if any. If you show a knowledgable interest in what
the technician is doing they will be happy to point things out to you as long as you don’t put them in a corner by asking them for any sort
of diagnosis—that is the Doctor’s job, not their’s. I was always aware to be “politically correct” in that regard.

As far as I’m concerned, I won’t have to wait 6 weeks to get a report on the echogram from my doctor. I found out what I wanted to know
yesterday. In a few weeks when I see the Doctor again I will be better armed with more information, and better probing questions to
ask then I would have had before.

This new approach on my part to take charge of my own problems has made me much more able to cope with my arrhythmia since I started the
learning process. For what it’s worth, this has worked for me and I feel so much better as a result.

John S.


Hello everyone. Hope you guys are arrhythmia free tonight. I have been waiting two weeks on my echo results. I called the dr today because I have been having chest pains. He made me so mad. He was like you have normal coronary arteries. Your not having a heart attack or anything. Then he proceeded to tell me that yeah I did have mitral valve prolapse. Which one day may need replacement but we were not at that point. That I am obssesing over my heart. Even though I do have bigeminal pvc’s. I am obsessing forget about my heart and just go on with living. I wanted to just curse him with these things for a week and see how well he does. So I made an appointment with the cleveland clinic. I have got to get some anwers somewhere. Other than just live with it…..Sorry for venting its just been a rough day.

Re: I just joined

June Hello and Welcome……yes your at the right place. First off I am sosorry you all are going through this. The procedure you are speaking of is an ep study and ablation. I had one done but mine was for premature ventricular contractions. Many times they can find the cause ablate it and its on to better sailing. Your husbands problem is it ventricular in nature? From you desription I say it is. Because I dont think they put a defibulator in for atrial fib. You are going through a lot, but just remember its twice as bad for your husband. Just try and be patient and understand this is a real scary time for him also. No one knows what this arrythmia stuff is like until they go through it themselves. I hope everything turns out ok for you guys. Keep us posted and anytime you have a question or just need to vent we are here………..Stephanie

I just joined

Hi Everyone,

I really don’t know if I’m in the right or wrong place or not. If I’m not, could someone please lead me to where I should go. It’s not me that has the heart problems. My SO (significant other for 17 years) does. I come as someone who deeply loves another who has these problems. I need to understand more fully how others feel with the problems they have. It’s so very hard to watch someone you love feeling so poorly … perhaps 20% of his own self. I, myself, have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome coupled with Fibromyalgia. There are days when we say to each other that it’s like the blind leading the blind.

About six years ago Art went into defibrillation badly … his heart beating 300 beats per minute. He had a defibrillator implant done at that time. They also gave him medication to control the heart so it wouldn’t beat so fast. Over the years, the medication had to be changed because it was beginning to affect his kidneys. He’s now to the point where they are contemplating doing a surgery … I don’t know the name of the surgery … where they will have to go in through the groin in each leg and go to the heart. His heart would show on a 3-D monitor. He would be awake. They, then, find the area of the heart that is causing the defibrillation and they kill it. The lower 1/3 of his heart does not work.

The date of the surgery “was” scheduled, and the doctor called and cancelled. He said that there was someone who was in need of “emergency” surgery. Art had an involved cat scan done of his heart right after this, but we haven’t heard the results, nor has anything been rescheduled. He is extremely tired … not only due to the meds he has to take, but, also, because there is a problem with his left hand where there is a great deal of pain and it doesn’t allow him to sleep well at night. He didn’t have this problem before they put a stent in about two months ago. His appetite has gone way down.

There are days when I could scream because there is nothing I can do to help. I can only stand by and love him. I need “support” for the one who has to watch and not be able to help.


Busy with work, heart specialist appt changed, Taegyn graduated from SPARKS

Hi there everyone,
Wanted to apologize for not posting for the last little while, been BUSY with working, worked every day this week so far and tomorrow too, plus the weekend, which is good in a way cause I am too busy and too tired to think too much about my health and the specialist appt coming up.
I called today and changed it to next Friday afternoon, Terry is away, but at least I will know before he is back and before the end of the month hopefully what the plan is for me and we can go from there. This waiting and not knowing is stressful, and I am not doing very well with it,
I have Friday off so hopefully I can get some errands done and get some laundry done, or I will be going naked to work on the weekend, HAHA
Taegyn graduated from SPARKS tonight, it was a nice ceremony, and they got a present, a brownie mug, and pen and some flowers, carnations, so SPARKS is over now for the year and she will be in another group next year. She is growing up so fast.
Anyway, I am sorry again and I will try and catch up on Friday but if not definitely next week when Terry is away.

Re: Lamictal and Arrhythmia/Tachycardia?

Michael I dont have any knowledge of this drug. However it seems to be having an effect. There are other mood stablizing drugs he may be able to try that wont cause your heart to race. I take klonopin and I asked my ep dr if it could cause paliptations. He said no. However it is listed as a side effect. Try doing a search on the internet on the drug. Just remember that drugs act differently for different people.

Lamictal and Arrhythmia/Tachycardia?

Hello everyone.

I’m new to the list and to cardiac diagnoses. I’m writing to ask for information about medication and experiences.

I have bipolar 2 disorder (newly diagnosed) and was given Lamictal as a mood stabilizer. Last December, At full dose (100 mg), I developed
Arrhythmias and Tachycardias for the first time in my life (I’m 40). My psychiatrist has never heard of a connection between the med and
arrhythmias/Tachycardias and so sent me to a cardiologist who has not heard of any connection between the two either. I took a trial ‘vacation’ from the Lamictal and the heart calmed down dramatically – though not completely. I got back on the Lamictal and the Tachycardias increased in frequency and intensity – even with Verapamil given me by the cardiologist.

My psychiatrist and I are unsure whether to proceed with the Lamictal. The problem is that it really works for my emotional problems so we don’t want to stop it unnecessarily. Has anyone ever heard of or experienced this sort of reaction to a mood stabilizer?
Any advice is greatly appreciated.



Re: Intro and surgery with Sinus Tachycardia

DJ Hello and welcome to the group. I have bigeminy. I am not sure how to answer the question. I had an ablation but I am not sure exactly how they put me to sleep to do it. It was in an iv drip. If it was general I never had a problem with it. If it wasnt then I cant answer that question very well. I have heard of people having general and then experiencing heart rythm problems. However you need to know there will be someone there to monitor your heart rate and blood pressure through the procedure……Stephanie

Intro and surgery with Sinus Tachycardia

Hi Everyone
Thought I’d introduce myself. I am 42 and live in Australia. About 3 months ago I developed chest pain so went to emergency and they found I had a rapid heart beat called sinus tachycardia. They ruled out all causes so it’s looking like inappropriat sinus tachycardia. They did tests and my heart is structurally sound so the high heart rate is not going to cause a heart attack. Basically I was relieved to find out what the problem was as I’ve been feeling tired and fatigued, have palpitations and exercise intolerance. Anyhow I”m going to be having some surgery (for something unrelated) which means a general anaesthitic. Are there any issues with Sinus tachyardia and gneeral anaetstiic?
Thanks DJ

Went 4 stress test today

Hi Everyone,
Today I had a stress test at the hospital. I was doing good until the point where I got dizzy at the test. I only lasted until 5 minutes 23 seconds. I got so dizzy that I nearly fell. I couldn’t talk because they had to put something in my month. I was hooked up to EKG & blood pressure machine. My doctor told me that I need to have a stress test every 3 months. Why is this so? It is normal to have a stress test every 3 months? Write Back Soon,
Take Care

Appt with specialist this afternoon, keeping busy this morning

Hi there everyone,
I should have this motivation more often, WELL not for these reasons, I have today off, and am waiting for my specialist appt with the heart guy to see what is next for me, at 3 p.m, and so I am cleaning, doing laundry, doing garbage, doing vacuuming, and may even DUST, WOW, but probably won’t mop, leave that one to Terry next weekend.
I have also survived, well almost the week without Terry, GOD how do you single moms do this. Taegyn lost it at me yesterday on the way home from her daycare, we went back over there after dinner at McDonald’s last night, for the parent advisory meeting, to talk about summer plans. She played with her friends and I talked to the other parents. BUT it was late getting out of there and she forgot her stupid McDonalds toy in the daycare, which I TOLD her not to bring but she insisted and I was not going back there to get it then.
THEN this morning at 4 a.m she woke me up, just by going to the washroom, because she needed to go POO, you may or may not remember her situation with this, but it hasn’t got ALL that much better, more prune juice is in order I guess, twice a day now, morning and night. ANYWAY, I couldn’t go back to sleep so was up for an hour,
Anyway, long story short she was a bit late getting to school today, but figured that was better than trying to wake her up on time and grouching at each other AGAIN.
So tonight we are doing pizza and BEER, well rootbeer and a movie, FINDING NEMO for us together and then I rented ALL IN THE FAMILY with the Douglas’s, sounds like a fun movie.
Talk to you all later. I will let you know how it goes.

Update and Getting Advice

Hi everyone. I think I mentioned that I’m on inderal for my sinus tachycardia to slow the heart beat down. And after nearly 2 weeks so far it’s keeping it down which is good. However my GP is trying to say that it’s due to “depression”. I also get migraine which doctor’s generaly won’t treat or refer because of that perception it is due to “pscyhological” factors. However I phoned up a health rights service for advice on referral for treatment. They gave me advice and said if you have any problems being taken off treatment for the heart go to the cardiologist as the referral is valid for up to 12 months. This service will also intervene if needed but really if you need that it’s time for a new GP. Hopefully it won’t get to that but it’s a good bit of advice. On a general note I’ve been applying for jobs in flexible
organisations as my current workplace has been difficult over time off for cardiology and other medical appts. That’s one reason why I
hadn’t gone back to the cardiologist (as he’d mentioned an “event monitor” which means time off to get it, learn about fitting it etc)
Fingers crossed with my job applications.
Take care DJ

I have AFIB AND SVT now? geez

Hi Guys

Well the unthinkable happened to me at around 2AM this morning… I went into Supra ventricular Tachycardia then 8 HOURS of Atrial Fibrillation. Thankfully I spontaneosly converted.. they were going to give me that shock treatment… well I am shocked already *grin*

The doctor said at least I don’t have the VT back but I tell you the AFIB is a pretty wild ride!!! as for the SVT… I NEVER had a heart rate that fast in my life, even with the VT…

–Heather from Aussie a little shell shocked and dazed about this one after 7 months of absolute BLISS with no major arrhythmia post ablation.

Re: Still in pain from surgery & Question

Leah: It took awhile for one of us to get back to you because I looked up “perstain” in the medical texts and found nothing. But then I thought perhaps you meant Percodan? If that is correct let me suggest that your doctor should taper you off that drug as soon as possible. Percodan can become very habit forming after only a week on the perscription. I hope it was used only for the first few days after your surgery and has since been discontinued. If you’re still using it call him and tell him somebody suggested that it can be a dangerous drug and only to be used for severe pain immediately after a painful procedure.

Get back to us with how you are doing now. We all want to know.

John S.

Still in pain from surgery & Question

Hello all,
It is always something else one thing or the other. I had an allergic reaction to one of the pain medications that I am on. It is called perstain. It is a pain medication that I am talking because of the surgery. I’m doing okay but was in a lot of pain a while back. I am guessing it will get better every day a little by little. When will I feel so much better. Hope everyone is well here. Write Back Soon,
Take Care

Re: In pain again.

Leah: Do you remember the first time you had the implant done? Is this pain any different or much worse? I’m sure that some pain medication is needed from time to time, but don’t keep taking them regularly without checking back with your doctor’s office.

Normally you won’t have to speak directly to the doctor; a nurse in his or her office can answer any questions you may have. If it is a large practice there is probably one nurse alone who does nothing else but speak to recent patients. The nurse can give you much better advice than any of us can because they have at their fingertips your records and can tell from your comments if anything is serious that needs follow-up care.

Something else to try is to get your mind off the surgery by attempting to do something you enjoy like either reading or watching TV. In fact anything to distract your attention from the latest surgery will help greatly.

Let us know within a couple days how things are going and what the doctor’s office had to contribute. We are all praying for you.


In pain again.

I am in pain again. It’s hurting again really bad. I just had to take a pain medication. There is a little stitches hanging there should I pull it? It is all black & blue plus there is a lump on the side of the implant. Hope you are doing well. I am sorry to keep whining about my problems. Write Back Soon,

Still very score

Hello all,
I just had my surgery on March 31st. It’s been almost 2 weeks since I had the surgery. I though I was getting better but the entire area is very score and the area it is very sensitive to touch. I’m not sure if this is the worst defibrillator as the other one or about the same. I didn’t even go to college on thursday as I was in that much pain. And yesterday I ended up in the ER because I though it was infected but it is not though. Please Help. Write Back Soon,

Keep me in prayer tommor please….. Surgery at 800am

Hello everyone I am just writting to ask you to please keep me in your prayers that all goes well with my surgery. I am having a lead pulled out of the baffle leak and my defibillator put down under the muscle so it don’t stick out of the skin. I will let u all know how I am asap… Thank you all for your love and support.

Your friend from the heart,
Lisa Davidson

Seeing humor in all things.

Fellow Members:
I try to keep up-to-date on all related heart arrhythmias so I belong to several other Yahoo groups and follow the discussions there. Many
of you also share membership in other groups because I see your names and recognize you. The following is copied out of a message that
appeared in a SVT support group and was so impressed with it I wanted to share it with those of you who may not have seen it before.

Anyway, I wrote this lyric to the tune of “My favourite things” from the Sound Of Music movie. It is my weak attempt at making these
experiences into something approaching humour. Hope you enjoy it.

Caffeine or chocolate, or belching or sneezing. Eating large meals or just coughing and wheezing Excess of alcohol, wine or some cheese These are a few things which cause SVTs

Standing up suddenly, bending or kneeling All forms of exercise can leave me reeling Lying perfectly still will give no guarantee Doing nothing at all I still get SVT

When I’m driving, or out walking And I’m feeling glad My heart jumps from 80 to over 200 And then I just feel ..so bad

Stress or the flu or some mild dehydration Tiredness can bring on a palpitation I had an ablation it did nothing for me I just got an infection and more SVT

Now I’m waiting, for another ablation `cos the first one missed I’m back on the meds and they make me so tired No wonder I feel so p*ssed.

Jake’s ablation

Hi all,
I had written previously to tell you about my 8 yr. old son who has VT. Last week he had his ablation at Children’s Hospital in Boston.
Immediately after he returned to a normal heart rhythm, but overnight was back in bigeminy and trigeminy. They sent him home, and will do a Holter moniter in three weeks to see what it looks like. They said it’s too early to tell if it’s successful yet- the beats could be from swelling, or if the longer VT is gone and there’s just some bigeminy, that would be okay to exist with. We’re still waiting!! He did very well; has some soreness at the sight of the catheters and that was it. He’s a tough cookie. (not really, but a good patient). Children’s is wonderful should anyone need a good place to go with their own child. Just thought I’d keep you updated, and I still will! Cross your fingers it worked!


Hello Everyone,
I was supposed to go back to work next week but work needs a note from the doctor to let me go back to work so I called my surgeon to tell him that I need a work for now blah blah then he said I need to see you before you go back to work so I got an apt next monday with the surgeon. I am also having shortness of breath when I walk. I am going to mention all this when I go back on monday. I also get headaches. Write Back Soon,

Re: Re: Re: Re: Weirdly Happy

Since you are from Spain having to read these messages in English is probably difficult for you. But I actually answered your question in
my response to Rob about how the suggestion of bathing in Magnesium Sulfate water helped another Afib sufferer. Instead of bathing in it
I ingested (ate) the magnesium in the form of MgO (magnesium oxide). That is what worked for me.
A direct answer to your question of ‘Do I think it will work for you?’ is probably yes. But even if it does not, it will certainly do
no harm.
First: The fact that you were an athlete puts you in a similar situation along with Rob to have a tendency to get Afib. Over the years of training your heart rate goes down naturally as your overall fitness improves. A naturally slow heart beat, I believe, is one of the main triggers for Afib in men. (I am certainly not a doctor, but the coincidence of bradycardia and Afib is too high to be ignored.) Once the Afib starts your heart “remodels” itself to adjust to the increased work load and the artria enlarge and the ventricle walls
thicken causing a disruption of impulse pathways. All this leads to problems such as the diagnosis of cardiac insufficiency that your
doctors think you have.
Another link in your heart problems is your sleep apnea and difficulty breathing while on your back. All this starves your blood of oxygen and only decreases the heart’s ability to function effectively. I have one major question; what type of Afib do you have? Is it permanent, proxymal (in and out), or persistent?
My guess is that if it is permanent the magnesium supplement will not have a noticeable effect on your condition. But if you are already
prescribed antiarrythmic drugs to control the irregular heart beats the magnesium can only help.
This is already getting too long, so I will end my answer to you now. But if you are interested, I will write a follow up posting all
about magnesium that I uncovered while researching the subject last year. I hope you can understand my complicated use of English enough
to follow what I am saying.

Re: Weirdly Happy


So glad to hear your good news. Too often these support groups only report the bad situations that occur. Great to have some major ‘feel
better’ postings once in awhile.
I my own case when things were REALLY bad with me I carefully read every posting looking for clues to help myself stay in NSR for more than a day or two at a time. About 6 months ago I tried a suggestion someone else had found worked for them. Guess what! It just so
happened to work for me too.
I’m not saying, in the least, that I am cured or have completely beaten my Afib, but being in NSR for many months now is a victory for me. I can understand how you feel now. Enjoy the experience you’re having now. You’ve earned it.
John S.